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SMU Emerging Markets (SEM) was founded in January 2012 with a goal to equip SMU students with a keen acumen for issues pertaining to Emerging Markets

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the premier knowledge hub for students with an Emerging Markets focus, globally recognised for its research and industry partnerships.

Our Mission

SMU Emerging Markets (SEM) is a student initiative that aims to be a global and interactive business collaboration centre for research on Emerging Markets while achieving the following for its members:

  1. To distil knowledge through close partnerships with internationally recognised industry and academic partners

  2. To promote careers with an Emerging Markets focus

  3. To foster the exchange of information and ideas about doing business in Emerging Markets, and

  4. To spearhead forums and study missions in Emerging Markets​

Proudly supported by the SMU School of Accountancy

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