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Emerging Markets Forum 2020: Navigating Investments in Southeast Asia post-COVID-19


Southeast Asia has traditionally been a melting pot of cultures and a rich source of attractive investment opportunities. The global pandemic has, however, kept a lid on recovery prospects within the region as slumps to trade and tourism take a heavy toll on major economies. Nevertheless, many investors still remain vested in the region’s recovery and opportunities.

Join us for an intimate session online as our panelists share key insights and discuss trends that might shape the way we navigate investments in the region.

Our panelists:

  • Aditi Sharma - Director, Grab Ventures

  • Michael Lints - Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

  • Kannan Venkataramani - Managing Director (Capital Markets), OMERS

  • Conal McMahon - Senior Manager (Asset & Wealth Management), 'Big Four'


Our moderator:

  • David Ramli - Journalist, Bloomberg

Date: Friday, 25th September 2020, 7pm to 9pm Singapore Time

Location: Online over Zoom


Disclaimer: This webinar is intended solely to provide information to the public. The views and opinions expressed as part of this webinar do not necessarily state or reflect that of the companies mentioned. It is not intended, nor can it be relied upon, to create any rights enforceable against the companies.