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Founded in January 2012, SMU Emerging Markets (SEM) is a student initiative that aims to be a global and interactive business collaboration centre for research on emerging markets. Brought together by our strong interest in the emerging markets, the founders of SEM share a common interest and goal in propagating the importance of Emerging Markets to the SMU student population.

About Us


With a student-centric approach, SEM aims to be an interactive business collaboration centre for research on globally emerging markets; to provide contacts and networks with emerging market industry and academic partners; to promote exciting careers with an Emerging Markets focus; to foster the vibrant exchange of information and ideas about doing business in emerging economies; to spearhead forums and study missions in emerging economies.

Our Mission Statement

Latest Updates

SEM Reunion 2019

We were pleased to have all 9 batches of SMU Emerging Markets gathered back in SMU on 23rd December!  Besides meeting the newly minted batch of Analysts, it was an enriching opportunity for SEM members to connect over professional and personal experiences. 

Emerging Markets Forum 2019

SMU Emerging Markets proudly hosted our 3rd Emerging Markets Forum and we explored what it means for a company to do business in Southeast Asia's emerging economies - the prospects, challenges, and rewards - as well as the regional capital raising landscape and up-and-coming industries. 

9th Batch Analyst Recruitment 2019

SMU Emerging Markets has recruited our 9th Batch of Analysts! As we continue to be SMU’s premier market research club, we had focused on strengthening the new batch of Analysts with the necessary research and analytical skills to gain insights into a plethora of industries in emerging regions, and identify macro trends emerging economies – from a political, economic and business perspective. 

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