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Emerging Markets Forum (EMF) is SMU Emerging Market's annual flagship event where we invite industry experts to share the ongoing developments surrounding emerging markets.

Emerging Markets Forum

EMF 2023: China: The Great Wall - Uncovering Opportunities in the Resilient Eastern Economic Giant

EMF poster 2023.jpg

EMF 2024:
Upcoming in October 2024
Stay Tuned!

EMF Poster 2022.png

EMF 2022: Commodities and Its Future In Emerging Markets

EMF Poster 2022.pptx (1).png

EMF 2021: Investments and Technology in China and Southeast Asia

photo_2022-07-15 13.35.59.jpeg

EMF 2020: Navigating Investments in Southeast Asia post-COVID-19

EMF 2019: Business & Investment Strategies in Southeast Asia

EMF 2019.jpeg
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