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Club Advisors

The advisory board consists of dedicated mentors and passionate staff who come from all walks of life. Having worked in the industry for years, they now work closely with the Exco by providing guidance for the smooth running of the club. Read more about our advisors below.

SMU School of Accountancy
Club Advisor
Wang Jiwei
Wang Jiwei, Club Advisor
Club Advisor
Yuanto Kusnadi
Yuanto Kusnadi, Club Advisor

Dr Wang Jiwei has over 10 years of industry and academia experience in corporate reporting, financial analysis and equity valuation. Dr Wang has been doing applied research on international accounting standards (IFRS, Chinese GAAP and US GAAP), corporate governance, earnings management, related-party transactions, IPOs, and securities regulation. He has published research papers in prestigious international journals such as the China Economic Review, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, and Journal of Business Ethics. He has served on the editorial boards to the International Journal of Business, International Journal of Accounting, and Singapore Accountant. His research has been profiled in the Financial Times and the Straits Times.



PhD in Accounting, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong University

FCPA, CPA Australia


Research Interest

Accounting Information and Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets

Accounting and Finance Studies in China


Selected Publications

“Audit Committees and Financial Reporting Quality in Singapore,” with Yuanto Kusnadi, Kwong Sin Leong and Themin Suwardy. Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.


“Media Coverage and Firm Valuation: Evidence from China,” with Kangtao Ye. Journal of Business Ethics, volume 127, pages 501-511, 2015.


“Managerial Agency Costs of Socialistic Internal Capital Markets: Empirical Evidence from China”, with Kangtao Ye, Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, volume 25, issue 1, pages 1-37, 2014.


“A Comparison of Shareholder Identity and Governance Mechanisms in the Monitoring of Listed Companies in China,” sole-authored, China Economic Review, volume 21, issue 1, pages 24-37, 2010


“Tunneling as an Incentive for Earnings Management during the IPO Process in China,” with Joseph Aharony and Hongqi Yuan, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, volume 29, issue 1, pages 1-26, 2010


“Accounting-Based Regulation in Emerging Markets: The Case of China’s Regulation of Seasoned Equity Offerings”, with Kevin Chen, The International Journal of Accounting, volume 42, issue 3, pages 221-236, 2007


Selected Appointments

Editorial Board: International Journal of Business (2013 - Present)

Judging Panelist, Best Annual Report Award, a sub-award under the Singapore Corporate Award, organized by The Business Times (2011 - 2013)

Faculty Senator, SMU, (2009 - 2011, 2013 - 2015)

Editorial Review Board: International Journal of Accounting (2010 - 2011)

Editorial Advisory Panel: Singapore Accountant, a publication of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS), (2007 - 2010)

Dr.  Yuanto Kusnadi is an Assistant Professor (Education) at the School of Accountancy of the Singapore Management University School of Accountancy. Dr. Kusnadi has over six years of academia experience in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and financial management. He has been doing applied research on issues in corporate finance, accounting, and corporate governance for international firms. His research papers have been published in prestigious international journals such as the Journal of Business, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Financial Research, Review of Pacific-Basin Financial Markets and Policies, and Journal of Asia Business Studies. He has served on the program selection committee of several international conferences such as IFMA First International Conference on Finance and Banking and Auckland Finance Meeting. His research has also been profiled in the Straits Times, the Business Times, the New Paper, and the CFA Digest.



PhD in Finance, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Master of Science (Management), National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), National University of Singapore


Research Interest

Issues in Corporate Finance and Accounting for International Firms

Corporate Governance


Selected Publications

“Audit Committees and Financial Reporting Quality in Singapore”, 2016, with K.S. Leong, Themin Suwardy, and Jiwei Wang, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 139, 197-214.


“Cross-Listings and Corporate Cash Savings: International Evidence”, 2015, Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 32, 91-107.


“The Determinants of Corporate Cash Management Policies: Evidence from around the World”, 2011, with K.C. John Wei, Journal of Corporate Finance (Special Issue on Financial Flexibility and Corporate Liquidity), Vol. 17, 725-740.


“Cross-Autocorrelations and Market Conditions in Japan”, 2006, with Allaudeen Hameed, Journal of Business, Vol. 79, 3029-3056.


“Size Really Matters: Further Evidence on the Negative Relationship between Board Size and Firm Value”, 2005, with Y.T. Mak, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Vol. 13, 301-318.


“Momentum Strategies: Evidence from Pacific Basin Stock Markets”, 2002, with Allaudeen Hammed, Journal of Financial Research, Vol. 25, 383-397.


Selected Appointments

SOA Peer Coach (2016 - Present)

Global Finance Journal (Guest Editor for Special Issue) (2016 - 2017)

Auckland Finance Meeting (2012 - Present)

Founding Advisor
Low Aik Meng
Low Aik Meng, Founding Advisor

A SMU ‘pioneer’, Associate Professor Low Aik Meng was amongst the first three faculty in the start-up team for the formation of SMU in 1998. Curriculum development was one his early responsibilities. Professor Low, however,  is best known for his next assignment — in 2000 he was appointed as SMU’s founding Dean of Students. In this role, he was responsible for all aspects of student life outside the classroom.  In line with the aims of the start-up team, strong emphasis was given to the provision of a holistic educational experience for students. Students were encouraged to form clubs/societies to foster their interest in arts, sports and community service, as well as to enhance their leadership and teambuilding skills and to inculcate a sense of ethics and social responsibility.


Professor Low championed the concept of a ‘SMU family’ and worked to build a close-knit community with fewer barriers between students and faculty. He took a personal interest in matters involving students, such as the annual Freshmen Teambuilding Camps, Convocation Ceremony, Patron’s Day, student financial assistance schemes, community service projects, counselling & guidance, clubs and activities, etc. He relinquished his role as Dean of Students in July 2011.


During his tenure, he established two annual awards, the Dean of Students Award and the AM Low Trailblazer Award. These awards are given to students who have made significant contributions—beyond academic studies— to the university or the community at large.


Professor Low worked as an accountant before joining academia in 1974. He was a faculty member at the then University of Singapore, the National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University, before joining SMU in 1998. At NUS, he served as Vice-Dean, Faculty of Accountancy and Business Administration; at the Nanyang Business School in NTU he was Vice-Dean and founding Director of the MBA programme. He has published journal articles and book chapters on topics such as auditing, entrepreneurship, accounting, and postgraduate education. Currently, he is with SMU School of Accountancy responsible for organising two Study Missions annually. 


In recognition of his dedicated service, the Singapore Government awarded him the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2010.



Master of Commerce (Hons), University of New South Wales, Australia.
Bachelor of Accountancy, University of Singapore


Research Interests

Corporate Disclosure


Selected Publications



Selected Appointments

Founding Dean of Students, SMU (2000–2011)

Member of SMU start-up team

Club Advisor, SMU Emerging Markets (2014-present)

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