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Executive Briefs

SMU Emerging Markets publishes one full cycle of Executive Briefs (EB) for each of our six regions every month. These EBs are published to club alumni and external partners monthly.

Our EBs adopt a top-down analytical approach, which considers 3 angles of analysis: Macro, Industry, and Company. Each of our research pieces uses different analytical frameworks to ensure that our EBs encompass both depth and breadth. Our approach enables a clear understanding of the linkages between our three pieces and the overarching thesis behind our EBs.

Our approach

Macro Analysis

  • Economic Indicators

  • Mega Trends

  • Policy & Plans


Industry Analysis

  • Demand & Supply Factors

  • Porter's Five

  • Traps and Opportunities

  • Industry Value Chain

Company Analysis

  • SWOT

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Business Strategies

  • Best Practices

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