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About SMU Emerging Markets

Founded in January 2012,

SMU Emerging Markets (SEM) is a student initiative that aims to be a global and interactive business collaboration center for research on emerging markets. Brought together by our strong interest in the emerging markets, the founders of SEM share a common goal of propagating the importance of emerging markets to the SMU student population. We recognize the importance of equipping SMU students with a keen acumen for issues pertaining to emerging markets.


In doing so, the club also wishes to further propel students who already have a keen interest in emerging markets and to distil their knowledge through close partnerships with internationally recognized industry partners. Through our research, events, and study missions, we aim to create a thriving environment and platform for students to cultivate knowledge beyond that gained through textbooks. With 6 different desks for each emerging markets region, SEM covers all the key global emerging economies to cater to the distinct student's research interest.

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