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SMU Emerging Markets at the FutureChina Global Forum


慧眼中国环球论坛2014年会, 17-18 July 2014 




Cheng Jun Song

Director, Russia Desk

Stepping into the regal ballrooms of Shangri-La, we were met by sights of foreign delegates and speakers like the elegant Angela Liu, Chairman of New Hope the biggest agribusiness in China, and the portly but affable-looking Guo Ping, the Deputy Chairman of Huawei. The 5th edition of the FutureChina Global Forum 2014 was underway and Business China had once again managed to attract many prestigious speakers and guests to this distinguished forum.


The annual FutureChina Global Forum is a renowned platform spearheaded by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and former Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao for government and business leaders, academia, renowned experts from China, Asia and around the world to gather and exchange insights on China’s development. The most exciting panel discussions for me were the power landscape in Beijing and assessing China's debt problem. The speakers had a rigorous discourse of ideas with no holds barred and shared insights about Xi Jinping's leadership and what it meant for China's economy. The panelists also shed light on the shadow banking sector as a natural development for China's financial markets in response to tightened regulations.


The FutureChina Global Forum provided a comprehensive take on various pressing issues affecting China today and helped shaped my perspectives on China’s future development. For current and future SMU Emerging Markets members, this forum will undoubtedly serve to enhance their knowledge about China.  

Tay Yan Xin

Director, Central & East Asia Desk

As the CEA desk director, I am glad that SMU Emerging Markets was able to send out five representatives to the FutureChina Global Forum as delegates and liaison officers. The event was especially significant for me, since six years ago, I was sitting in the exact same Island Ballroom listening to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew speak about the opening up of China and the implications for ASEAN. Six years on, China has indeed emerged as a formidable world power and its economy is facing one of the most difficult rebalancing act yet. Adopting a top-down approach in looking at the China economy as it undergoes restructuring and reshaping by new policies, the forum delves deep into pertinent issues such the political leadership, consumerism and the young Chinese generations. I gained new insights about strategic industries such as the equity, telecommunications and services sectors and I am excited to witness the upcoming developments for China and its economy.  

Li Lin
Associate, Latin America Desk

FutureChina Youth Forum Scholar Showdown was an insightful and challenging case competition that allowed us to gain great experience, be it in terms of presentation or in terms of sculpturing a storyline and forming arguments. As a Latin America desk analyst, it was particularly refreshing to be able to deepen my knowledge regarding China, which was always of great interest to me, but never a specialty of mine. 


Additionally, as the Champion team, we were offered the opportunity to attend the highly prestigious FutureChina Global Forum. Through the intensive 2-day forum comprising of keynote speeches and various panel discussion, we were offered various perspectives and insights into the China economic and political landscape. These are ideas and insights that we would not be exposed to in school environment, and we were indeed privileged to be interacting and learning from the elites from various industry sectors.

Sylvester Yeo

Associate, Central & East Asia Desk

As a Liaison Officer for the FCGF 2014, I was fortunate to gain insights into the Chinese economy and had the opportunity to interact with some of the speakers on a personal level. My guest, Mark Duval, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, highlighted the urgency for China to embrace the growth of its services sectors and to also get ready for the underlying challenges within the industry. Additionally, I was able to join the networking event to meet other guests who attended the event, which gave me an opportunity to hone my networking skills outside of school. Looking back, the experience has indeed been a very positive one and I look forward to it again next year!

Alfred Neo
Associate, Central & East Asia Desk

Being selected to be a Liaison Officer for Future China Global Forum was indeed a memorable and eye-opening experience! Through my interaction with my guest speaker, Mr. Christopher Johnson, who is a senior advisor in China Studies for the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, USA, I learnt about the political situation between China and other nations such as the US, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN countries.


Additionally, I managed to attend Mr. Johnson's interview sessions with the media, which allowed me to gain in-depth insight into the profile of China's political party members and how the political party would strike a balance between developing into one of the world's economic superpower and maintaining good relations with neighbouring countries moving forward.

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