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Building on the knowledge and expertise honed at SMU Emerging Markets, our members have excelled in various prestigious internships. Be part of the SEM family that shares its successes with each other.
Lee Rui Jie, Gary

Founding Executive Committee, Chairman & Founder

Chan Shi Rong, Melissa

Founding Executive Committee, Vice President

Gary has interned at HSBC Hong Kong (Global Markets), HSBC Singapore (Premier Internation Centre) and is the bank's Senior Student Ambassador


" In the future, the top economies of the world will be what we now term emerging markets. SMU Emerging Markets is best positioned for members to learn about the rebalancing of the world economy and the re-emergence of South-South Trade. Learning about these growth trends through rigorous research and access to prestigious global conferences, our members have distinguished themselves in internships through their experience in the club. Above all, the club is like family. "

Melissa has interned at EDB, IE Singapore and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)


" SMU Emerging Markets brings together bright and dynamic individuals who are passionate about emerging markets and committed to their personal development. Through the various exclusive events, we sharpen our ideas with leading industry practitioners and built up an extensive network of contacts with professionals in different fields. "

Joshua Wong

Founding Executive Committee, Africa Desk

Joshua has interned at Citi, DNB (Corporate Finance), Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs Asset Management


" The research I have done in SMU Emerging Markets has helped hone my analytical skills and develop my understanding of how these regions integrate with, and spur on the global economy. These skill sets have given me a unique edge while navigating through my internships at Goldman Sachs Asset Management by providing me with greater clarity during my analysis of emerging market-related funds and strategies. "

Tan Ren Liang

Founding Executive Committee, Middle East Desk

Ren Liang did his previous internships with GIC, Deloitte and Touche Corporate Finance and UBS Investment Management


" SMU Emerging Markets gave me exciting and relevant insights into the secular growth drivers of the global economy through business conferences and overseas trips. These real world experiences have provided me with pertinent perspectives that have put me on the front foot during my internships. "

Goh Jun Kwan, Nelson

Founding Executive Committee, Russia Desk

Lim Yunn, Matilda

Founding Executive Committee, Latin America Desk

Nelson interned at Goldman Sachs (Global Investment Research) and at Eastspring Investment (Fixed Income)


" SMU Emerging Markets has been a great platform for me to hone my research skills, which has been most invaluable during my internships in equiry and credit research. More importantly, the club brings together a diverse group of motivated and driven individuals, who are ever willing to help one another as we prepare to enter the workforce. "

Matilda has interned at Bank of Singapore, Deloitte and Touche (Corporate Finance), Trafigura (Trade Finance) and Shell.


" SMU Emerging Market is the one place that brings together a community that shares a passion for the emerging markets. Together we had the chance to explore and be exposed to different networks and events, which opened exciting opportunities for many of us in the industry. "

Wong Kwan Yong, Daniel

Founding Executive Committee, Central and East Asia Desk

Daniel interned at Barclays (Sales and Trading) at the Credit Sales and Emerging Markets Rates Desk.


" SMU Emerging Markets has given me the relevant analytical and structural skills for my internship and has definitely increased my exposure and understanding of the emerging markets through attending various forums. It gave me an opportunity to be able to generate ideas and strategies with the best minds in the school as well. "

Lee Jia Zhen, Grace

2nd Executive Committee, Latin America Desk

Grace did her second year internship at McKinsey & Co, Singapore (Southeast Asia, FIG)


" Being an analyst in SMU Emerging Markets gave me the opportunity to understand in depth about the emerging markets on macroeconomic, industry and company levels, which greatly broadened my horizons. The club's training also honed my research and analytical skills, which helped me extensively during my summer internship. "

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